Auto Facultative Treaty to increase the capacity of insurance company

Second Surplus treaty / Parallel treaty for increasingcapacity on all class

High Valued Cars & Heavy Vehicles including TPL, PAB, OD- Quota share/ XL/Surplus

Political Violence - Property Damage, Business Interruption & Terrorism Liability

Standalone Performance & other Bonds

Standalone Credit insurance / Liability / Professional Indemnity

Standalone Haulier’s Liability (Carriers Legal Liability)

Capital Gearing, Portfolio Transfer

Traditional treaties / Whole Account QS/ Surplus/ XL

Agriculture (Yield & Whether Based) Cover

Standalone Marine Cargo, Hull & Liability

Extended Warranty Programs / Handsets Insurance


XL Cat and XL Per Life as well as Proportional Treaty Group Life, Credit Life, Individual life

Life Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Personal Accident, Unemployment cover

Product Development (Assistance from A to Z)

Training/seminars and technical support

Treaty covering war and/or terrorism,

Reinsurance of variable annuities,

Longevity risk and treaty covering the gap in mortality tables

World-Wide Cat cover

Reinsurance pool

Credit life portfolio