Auto/ Extended Warranty for Motor Cars, Two -

wheelers, Consumer products, electronics

Consumer Product Warranty

Terrorism and Political Violence business

Political Risk Credit Risk. Credit Insurance

Plastic Cards

Contingency Insurance

Handset Insurance Schemes

Performance and other Bonds

Mass Health & PA Policies, Government Schemes

PA Policies that are exclusions under normal

treaties. (Soldiers, Armed forces etc)

Stand along Liability, special areas facility, treaties

GAP Insurance Residual Value insurance


Manufacturer’s Warranty

Extended Warranty for New Cars

Extended Warranty for Used Cars

Extended Warranty for Two Wheelers

Extended Warranty for Commercial Vehicles etc

Extended Warranty for Electric & Electronic Items

(TV/ LCD/ LED, Music Systems, Fan, Air-condition,

Refrigerator / Washing Machine/ Mixture Grinder,

microwave ovens, toasters, humidifiers, and coffee

makers , Iron, electric heater, Lighting, using light

fixtures, electric kettles etc. household items)

Extended Warranty for Computers, Laptops,

Printers, Scanners, Power Projectors

GAP Insurance Residual Value insurance

Smart Phones, Extended Warranty for Solar

equipment's/ Windmills Equipment's / Factory

Machinery etc.


Contractors Bonds

Bid bonds

Performance bonds

Maintenance bonds and Bonds in lieu of retention's.

Builders Warranty

Property Deposit Bonds

Rental Guarantee Bonds

Travel and Cargo Agents

Income Protection